Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New! Pizza buns, bean stew and raw cake

This year I will not win any awards for my efficiency in posting recipes on the blog, but since I last updated this blog I have, in fact, posted three recipes on Lunch & Latte. Yesterday it was pizza buns (yeast-free), in October curried bean stew with coconut milk, one of my favourite autumn and winter recipes, and this summer a wonderful raw (unbaked) cake, from Any Phyo, that my kids love walnut chocolate fudge cake with raspberries.

The First Advent Sunday is almost upon us and I'm looking forward to it. On every Sunday in December we enjoy an Advent brunch and before the first one our home looks moderately festive: small decorations, hyacinths and plenty of candles (we decorate the tree on the first or second weekend in December). This Sunday I serve, among others, Swedish braided bread with cardamom, a beloved recipe in our home that I put together last year. Here is a list of the Christmassy recipes you will find on Lunch & Latte:

chai latte (Indian tea)
meringue tops (and chocolate sauce)
quinoa pudding with Greek yoghurt, berries and fruit
rhubarb and strawberry crumble
rice and almond pudding (risalamande)
spice loaf / bread
Swedish braided bread with cardamom

And here are the Christmassy ones that are still here on the old blog:

Brussels sprouts w/chestnuts, bacon and parsley
chocolate chip cookies with almonds and oats
mashed sweet potatoes with pecan nuts

How about turning off those mobiles and enjoying the Advent with books, board games and cosy homes?!

Monday, 25 April 2016

new recipes: soups

Today I posted a lentil soup recipe on the Lunch & Latte blog. It has been some time since my last recipe post, which was also a soup recipe that I hadn't shared before, tomato soup with vegetables and curry powder.

Please keep in mind that all new and updated recipes are categorised under IN THE KITCHEN. The old recipes that I haven't updated yet are still here on the old blog.
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