Sunday, 24 May 2015

new and updated recipes

Those of you who regularly use this food blog have probably noticed that I have updated a few recipes and published the new version on my blog Lunch & Latte. I intend to do the same with all the recipes on this blog. My other blog contains recipes but I also blog about the books I'm reading, textiles and other things. If you are only after recipes you will find them under IN THE KITCHEN.

Here is a list of new and updated recipes that you will now find on Lunch & Latte:


bread buns with sesame seeds
chai latte (Indian tea)
pancakes with rice


black bean burgers
chicken drumsticks, marinated
pesto with basil

This „old“ food blog is now closed to comments, but if you need to ask me something about a particular recipe, that you can still find here, then please send me an email.

Kind regards,
Lisa Hjalt

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